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What is Friends of Sly Park?

Friends of Sly Park (FOSP) is a non-profit all volunteer organization which helps support the Sly Park Environmental Education Program. Funds raised by FOSP are used to provide scholarships to students in need and to support the Sly Park program.

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Science Education in Nature

Whether Sly Park students are investigating biodiversity in the forest, examining rocks and landforms, gazing at stars through telescopes, or exploring in Park Creek Canyon, the Sly Park experience is rich in active participation. Students, visiting staff, and chaperones are rewarded with knowledge gained from the credentialed teaching staff. Students also learn cooperation, problem solving, social skills and team building.

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History and Tradition

For the past 42 years students from the greater Sacramento region have attended Sly Park, a residential outdoor science school. Currently over 8,000 elementary students attend each year.

Sly Park is located in a beautiful forest setting near Sly Park Recreation Area, at approximately 3500 foot elevation, just below the town of Pollock Pines, CA.

FOSP support has provided scholarships for students in need and supported Sly Park program areas for over 15 years.

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Support FOSP

Monetary donations to FOSP are used to fund a scholarship program providing children with the opportunity to come to Sly Park who otherwise cannot afford to participate and to support Sly Park program enhancement.

FOSP partners provide the school with ongoing assistance for specific programs. Some of the programs that have been developed include the planetarium, Native American Museum and animal room.