What is Sly Park Environmental Education Center?

  • Sly Park Environmental Education Center is a residential outdoor education program located in Pollock Pines run by Sacramento County office of Education (SCOE).
  • It has been operational since 1970. Each year approximately 8,000 fifth and sixth grade students from the greater Sacramento region attended the program.
  • The curriculum focuses on hands-on science in a natural outdoor setting taught by credentialed teachers and supports the state science standards, Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards, and STEM (Science Technology, Engineering, and Math).
  • The Sly Park Program is fully accredited by the California Outdoor School Administrators (COSA) Residential Outdoor Science School (ROSS) program.

Who attends Sly Park Environmental Education Center?

  • The Sly Park program serves fifth and sixth grade students from the greater Sacramento region including schools from Amador, Alpine, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo counties, among others.
  • Sly Park is a tradition with many schools.  Some teachers bring their classes year after year.

What does it cost to attend?

  • Sly Park is a fee-based self-sustaining program. Students pay $235 for a 5-day program.

What does FOSP do for Sly Park?

  • FOSP functions much like a PTA by raising funds to provide scholarships for students in need and to supplement Sly Park program needs that are not funded through SCOE.

How does FOSP raise funds?

  • FOSP raises funds through a variety of means including souvenir sales, donations, grants, events and other sources.

What are these funds used for?

  • Approximately $17,000 is awarded in scholarships each year.
  • These scholarships allow individual students to participate who would not otherwise be able to afford the program.
  • Every attempt is made to provide scholarship assistance for every needy student, but we need your help!  Please support Friends of Sly Park’s scholarship program with a monetary donation – every dollar counts!

Who benefits from Sly Park?

The impacts of Sly Park on the greater Sacramento region are substantial. After 45 years of operation it is not unusual to have several parents each week return to Sly park as chaperones having participated in the program as sixth graders. They feel that the program provided a valuable experience in their life and they wish the same for their children.

What is the criteria for applying for and obtaining scholarships?

Scholarships are awarded based on need.  Applications are submitted to the Sly Park Environmental Education Center by attending classroom teachers and principals.

Can I purchase FOSP souvenirs online?

We do not currently have the ability to ship items. They must be purchased with cash at Sly Park.

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