What is Sly Park?

fosp_website-photo---08Sly Park is a residential outdoor science school located in the Eldorado National Forest. The Sacramento County Office of Education operates Sly Park, and the teachers provide an instructional program to more than 8,000 elementary students each year. The educational program is designed to facilitate mastery of fifth and sixth grade California Science Standards.

Sly Park located in a beautiful forest setting near Sly Park Recreation Area, at approximately 3500 foot elevation, just below the town of Pollock Pines, CA. During fall and spring, the days are warm and the evenings cool. Winter months bring occasional snow. Here at Sly Park, we are in our outdoor classrooms whenever possible, and the instruction is always hands-on.

Whether our Sly Park students are building shelters, identifying trees, studying rocks, gazing at the stars through our many telescopes, hiking our many miles of trails, or searching for life in Park Creek, the Sly Park experience is rich in active participation. Students, visiting staff, and chaperons are rewarded with the knowledge they gain as they “do” science with our California State fosp_website-photo---13Certificated teaching staff. Throughout their stay, students also learn cooperation, problem solving, social skills and team building. We hope to give our guests a week they will remember for the rest of their lives.


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